Best Online Elliott Wave Theory and Practice Courses

arrow-pointing-to-the-online-course-concepBefore I prepared my online Elliott Wave Course that covers both the Theory and Practice, I scoured the web for what was touted as the best online courses. The list that showed up as the ten best Elliott Wave Theory online courses, for example, was mostly pointing to what was being offered on Udemy. The first link on that list was a course that had over 2700 enrolled students. The second course was an Elliott Wave course with over 1000 enrolled students. And so on. So, I decided to check them out!

Best Elliott Wave Theory Online Courses

Supposedly the best pick as listed by one affiliate marketing website was a course that had over 2700 enrolled students and over 500 reviews! What did I find? The course had a mere 1.5 hours of videos, 3 articles and 1 downloadable resource.  Can someone really teach the complexity of this important and difficult subject in such a short space of time?

So I went down the list of Elliott Wave Courses one by one, and found that almost every one of them was merely taking some old charts and fixing some labels on them to explain the Elliott Wave theory. This is fantastic if all you want to know is how to label the waves AFTER THE FACT!

My next question to myself was How can I make an Elliott Wave course that rally becomes the best in class, and make it available online? Clearly, the course has to go beyond teaching the same theory that is available in some standard Elliott Wave books such as Mr. Prechter’s works or even my own Elliott Wave book, Five Waves to Financial Freedom. In order to become the best online Elliott Wave Course, I had to offer something unique, a completely different way of teaching the students. So, I decided to follow the case-study method of teaching Elliott Waves. Leading business schools such as Wharton and Harvard all use the case-study methods with great effect.

It took me 3 months to record over 10 hours of High-Definition videos and I used current or very recent charts of actual consulting work that I had done for my clients, many of whom are professional hedge fund managers or top-notch traders. My Elliott Wave examples often uses live markets to discuss what could happen next, and more importantly, please note this, as this is what is absent in all the other courses, how to determine those low-risk points where we should get aggressive, and when to stand aside. My online course teaches you how to USE the Elliott Wave approach to make profits. It covers the theory for sure, but the emphasis is on practice. It teaches you the fact that wave counts do NOT already exist for you to discover! And it helps you to decide how to trade with confidence in an environment of uncertainty.

What are my credentials to teach this online Elliott Wave course? You can check me out by simply searching for Ramki Ramakrishnan, Elliott Waves. After that, listen to some video testimonials of some past students,  look at the list of some leading market players who consulted with me, or read the rave reviews of my book! And then head over to this page to read more. Welcome aboard to what is undoubtedly one of the best online Elliott Wave courses that teaches you both the theory and practice.

By Ramki Ramakrishnan

Ramki Ramakrishnan is the founder of and teaches How to Profit from Elliott Waves in his online educational program available at Ramki is considered an authority on Elliott Waves and has been interviewed by and CNBC. He has authored two books on Elliott Waves which are available on His articles have appeared on leading financial sites such as MarketWatch, and Seeking Alpha. Ramki Ramakrishnan is a professionally qualified Treasury Manager and has over 35 years of financial markets experience.

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